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Launched in 1995, Core77 serves a devoted global audience of design professionals, corporations, students, enthusiasts and fans. Core77 publishes articles, discussion forums, resources, book reviews and event calendars.

The redesign of the Core77 dashboard and sidebar is an ongoing project for our experience design team. Our main objective is to boost exposure and traffic to Core77's sister sites (Coroflot, Design Directory, Core77 Design Awards, and Hand-Eye Supply) by increasing the visibility of the sister sites' logos and offerings.

I created a slim top navigation where users can quickly navigate to Core77's sister sites to view design projects, find jobs, enter the design awards, or browse the shop. I also added a sub-navigation including the most popular topics to help readers find articles of interest and increase engagement.

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In order to drive traffic to Coroflot, Design Directory, and Hand-Eye Supply, we needed to pull their corresponding links out of the footer and into the main body of the site. To facilitate this, I created a modular tile system that can be dispersed throughout the site, but my intention is for the tiles to display in the sidebar. This would bring the design firms, job board, online shop, and design projects front and center for readers to interact with while perusing articles on Core77.

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Pattern & Shape

Pattern & Shape

Pattern & Shape